Friday, July 1, 2011

(day twelve) footprints

Last night I had a dream about making this town "green". It was probably due to the fact I read myself to sleep with "Green Revolution" by Ben Lowe, which is an incredible book by the way! In the dream I was teaching people how to recycle all over town, it was awesome. This has been something on the forefront of my mind lately and i'll tell you why.... In the book Ben talks about "green" not as a fad but as a biblical mandate to take care of God's creation. The more I research for myself in the word, the more my heart resinates with it. You see, our footprint in the world- as Americans- is much bigger than we think. Every decision we make is not just affecting us, but the whole globe. As a citizen of this country, most of us are unintentionally buying in to a system that doesn't support global family... but instead hides the ones that are paying for it with their lives. If we understand the kingdom of heaven and desire to live IN it on earth... there are many things we can do that reveal our heart for God's world and that can actually make a real impact in saving lives! I honestly believe that God will honor us making baby steps in that direction and with His power do even more than we could imagine through us!

I've heard the arguements before: that this earth is fading anyways, that we'll be in heaven one day so who cares, that there's nothing really we can do, that our first priority is to "save people".... etc etc. But what about being stewards of what He has given us... doesn't that also honor our Father? Think about it like this: Let's say your dad builds a house. it's so beautiful and He put everything He had into making it perfect! Then one day someone comes in and steals something... next day it happens again... and again ... and again, until there is nothing left. Our dad has built a beautiful home for us... sure it's temporary, but it's HIS and He loves His creation. Shouldn't we?

I know the list to make a healthy impact in lives globally could be endless and quite overwhelming, but the good news is: It starts simple. Simplifying our lives. Not only does simplifying create physical space, but it creates mental space as well as room for God to move in our lives. The less we have, the more we need HIM. Using less, re-using things, and recycling are all a part of this process as well. Not only will we be able to save money to share with others and their needs, but we'll have more time and energy to spend on people... which is what God is all about- real relationships. Ours with Him and with others.

Today I got to work with my dad again. We went to several different jobsites moving things, cleaning, painting, etc. It was a pretty good day, but I could tell He was ready for the day to be over. I wasn't sure when we would be done, but I was just enjoying my time with Him more than anything. The job doesn't even really feel like work because I'm getting to spend some quality time with pops creating things together :) Sometimes I can tell he just gives me random jobs to keep me around. He really just wants me to want to be there with Him. We don't always feel like this if we are tired or cranky, but when we do it reminds me of how God must feel about us. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what we are "doing" as long as we are with Him and honoring Him with our whole lives. At the end of the day dad looks at me and says..."Alright, it's time to go home." I look forward to that day, but until then i'll try and enjoy every minute serving with our Dad on earth.

B90: (Numbers 15:22- 26:27) I loved this section mainly because of the talking donkey. I know, call me crazy... but there's just something about animals that can talk that crack me up! I originally wanted to title this blog "smart ass"... but my mom quickly shot it down. I mean, it was a pretty smart donkey to talk, right? I digress.... I do love this story for other reasons as well. It's so interesting to me how this animal understood the fear of the Lord more than this man bent on doing his own will. We've got to begin digging deeper into the heart of God to feel His beat for the whole world and everything in it. When we do, we'll gladly follow His lead rather than our own and leave footprints that represent our Dad well :)

P90: I feel like this daily workout is actually helping me think clearer as well as making me feel better all together. Today my mom decided to join me. Turned out to be a comedy routine. The workout instructor keep saying "it's time to towel off" and my mom kept saying, "did he say, take a tylenol"? Boy, she was ready to ease some of that pain she was startin to feel. And to think, if I hadn't been superivising, she would've been drugged up half way through the workout! Oh mom....

Nutritional tip: Set goals that are within your reach right now. For example: my mom and i decided it was a good idea for us to let ourselves have some sort of snack on the weekends and maaaaaaybe go to local culture (yogurt shop) for two punch tuesdays. Ha ha. Another suggestion dealing with food is composting. I've recently learned more about this, and am excited to begin! Basically you are taking the scrap food left over from meals (except for meat) and putting them in a rectangular space in your back yard with leaves and grass clippings. Over time, this turns into beautiful nutritious soil. So again, you are saving space in the earth AND saving money!

With that said... i'm very sleepy, see you tomorrow folks! Have a great weekend.

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