Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(day sixteen) liquid gold :)

This blog's gonna be short and sweet :) I'm even more exhausted than usual for many reasons. After holiday and catching up, i'm sure everyone is a tad bit tired.

Tonight I came home to find a huge box on our dining room table with my name on it. It was our new water filter!!! Yahoo!!! Am I the only one that gets excited about stuff like that? Prob so :( I couldn't wait to put that thing together and finally start putting mineralized, alkalized, purified water in my body!!! I speedily opened the box with little or no effort, washed every part like the instructional video told me, and put it all in place!! Yes! I did it! Man, it's amazing what satisfaction i felt from assembling this piece of machinery that was going to provide this "liquid gold" for the whole family. My lips turned dry and mouth started salivating at the mere thought of it rolling down my throat. Overboard? Perhaps. You would've thought I was high and dry lost in a desert somewhere.

I began to lose a little steam once i read the next instruction... let two things of water run through the filter BEFORE you drink the water. What???? You mean i have to wait. OK, whatever... I'll wait. So i gently poured the water in the top container and waited.... and waited.... and waited. I just thought other water filters were slow, this one beat all! Oh my goooooodness, seriously?

Although that was a little bit frustrating... i began to look deeper into the "system". It seems as though it goes through many different layers of filtering. It's a process, and a slow one at that! If it weren't for just one of those layers, this water would not have the beneficial effects on nutrition that it claims... it would just be like every other tap water out there full of lots of things to weaken our immunity. So, really... this water couldn't filter any faster because of the natural tendency of gravity to pull it downward through the system.

It slowly began to dawn on me how much like life this was. I began to see that, in the journey of life, God is allowing a system of filters to slowly purify all of the impurities away. He wants the ones who ARE thirsty for Him to drink the most healthy purified water possible... the water that most represents Him!!!! This can be a very slow process at times, and somewhat painful.... but He does use each of those layers of our journey for His glory if we allow it, cleanses us and draws us to Him- the source of all life.

Another crazy thing about the filter is that, to keep it full enough to have a constant flow of water... you almost need to put some in the top when you take some out of the bottom. Isn't it just like God for me to see Him in a water filter of all things??? Hahahaha. We are called to never stop pouring out his love, truth, and blessing of life to all those who are thirsty.... and in order to have this constant flow we've got to keep going back to the source and filling up.

I hope there weren't too many spelling errors in there... i just don't have the energy to check it right now :( I hope you understand. And I'd so love to hear your revelations and stories along the way, it's always so encouraging!!!

The rest: B90: (Deut 28:53-Joshua 6:19) Good read. Lots of things to draw from these stories. I probably will later :) What did you see?

P90: still pushing through, had some shoulder issues... but a little bit of rehab and prayer, and feeling MUCH better.

nutrition: still snacking on those gluten-free brownies i made for the 4th... not good. Must buy more fruits and veggies. Haven't eaten just how i wanted during this 90 day challenge, but i'm picking it up a notch this week! Still drinking LOTS of water- which everyone should be doing in this heat! Love love love you all! lins

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