Monday, July 4, 2011


So yesterday we talked about the fight for freedom in the realm we can not see.... today we celebrate our freedom in this country. I can't help but immediately go to the image of William Wallace with a painted face and sword high giving one of the most motivational, sacrificial speeches of all time. No matter what, no one could take away their freedom...

True freedom is something no one can ever touch, because it is deep within. So rooted, in fact, that not even prison walls could take that away.

Since I've seen how other people in the world live, it's hard to celebrate happily when most of them don't have the same choices we do. But more than anything I'm grateful to be able to speak about my relationship with God openly. That has been a difficult hurdle in other countries, but one worth jumping. God is super creative and always finds a way to show up. Our country does have a mantle of freedom over it, and a special anointing that we have a chance to take to those all over the world who don't that privilege.

I remember being in Bangladesh in 2007 and having to be "secretive" about WHOM i love and belong to. I had a cool opportunity to meet a local college girl who began asking me all sorts of questions. It had to end at some point and she never "prayed a prayer", but i have a feeling God moved in her heart that day!

It's disheartening, but such a wonderful opportunity, to be able to go into the worst brothel areas in the world... where women think they actually deserve this slavery; and bring hope, light, love and freedom. And when these women see and accept the freedom we have, you can see it all over their face! Everything changes!!! Talk about a reason to celebrate!

I'm also reminded of all those who are in prison. I've had the chance to visit the women's prison in newport a few times and every single time walked away more blessed than i could've imagined. I saw more spiritual and emotional freedom in these women behind those bars, than others i've seen who have physical freedom but are enslaved with their own sin. Can you imagine what it might be like for them once they are released?? To have ULTIMATE freedom, able to say/do whatever they want... and totally surrendered to God having complete freedom in Christ as well. These women have so much to be grateful for and they are not afraid to share it with you. It's quite beautiful.

I also remember once in Thailand when we got to be a part of a baptism ceremony at one of the women's prisons. I'll never forget the rain pouring down in this outdoor covered concrete patio and the 10 gallon bucket we used to baptize them in. These women sang, laughed, and cheered for each other as one by one stepped into this freedom for all eternity.

So not only will I honor all of those who physically give their lives for freedom, but today i will pray for those who have yet found the REAL freedom. I know it's God's desire for every single human being to experience this freedom on earth. And my heart breaks for those who misunderstand God and His love for them.

Whenever I'm upset, hurting, or feeling lost and alone... my mentor always asks me one question: "What part of your heart has not had the revelation of God as your loving Father and you as His beloved child?" Always gets me thinking and praying, and He always reveals it to me somehow. At that moment I ask Him into that piece that's broken, and He makes me whole again :)

He CHOSE us, He wants us to be free in Him. If we're not sure what all this talk of freedom means - simply remember the cross, the price, and more than anything the undeniable, unchangeable, unconditional, eternal LOVE offers to all of us. This kind of freedom we can celebrate with the world... our global family :)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family. Thank you for following this blog, I hope that God continues to use me how He chooses... I'm so blessed to know you all. Many blessings to you today!!!

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