Monday, July 11, 2011

(day twenty-two) root word: NEED

Seems like today definitely had a theme. All my conversations gravitated towards it. I was keenly aware (and couldn't escape) the word NEED. I woke up and i needed the dog to stop barking. I needed food in my belly. I needed to pee. I needed to read my 90 day bible challenge, work out... and I definitely needed to brush my teeth. But these needs manifest themselves in the broad daylight where as our REAL core needs are a little less tangible. These needs are easily overlooked, rarely acknowledged, yet provided for daily. And I know many who would be quite embarrassed if they had to ask for any of these needs. Most people say that you don't really appreciate what you have until you have to do without. But how many of us go without a roof over our heads, food for a day or two, and clean water? I'm betting not many. Even more than this... we need lungs to breathe, a brain to function, and a heart to live.

Need: be in need of, have need of, want, crying out for, desperate, call for, be without.

Now, let's say I add a "y" to the end of that word. It changes the whole dynamic. When someone is "needy" we usually think of poor. They might be physically poor- someone who has no money, or emotionally poor- someone who sucks life and energy out of others with their own demands. Everyone knows someone who is needy. And if we are brave enough to admit, we can probably be a little bit needy at times. Needy is what happens when God's creation doesn't know Him as a FATHER and trust Him as a provider. Being needy is acting out of that "orphan" spirit, when He's already signed the adoption papers.

"Kneedy" is what happens when we are fully aware of our needs and trusting that our Father has either already provided or is in that process. There is no fear and absolutely no need to be anxious. As we recognize these CORE n:eeds we have every single day we can't help but fall on our KNEES and thank Him. "Kneedy" people know their value because they understand the high price and see that He has taken our broken pieces and made it into something beautiful and useful! "Kneedy" people can give sacrificially because they trust their needs will be met by their Father.

I was thinking about our needs just today as I was in a conversation with a friend who was needing a job. One of my crazy thoughts was... well, He said He would provide for us water, shelter and clothing... but as far as I know, God never said anything about a job. Now, please correct me if i'm wrong... and hear me out. I'm not saying jobs are wrong, it's good to "work"... but how do we even know that God could provide for our basic needs if we always provide them for ourselves?? Yes, I know God provides the job, that provides the money.... etc etc. But how come most of us christians think it would be wrong to actually WAIT on the Lord to provide those things. You may actually end up fasting for a day or so, and quite possibly find yourself sleeping under the stars a few times... but then again we might learn some pretty valuable things during that time: Like how much God DOES care about His kids!!! The reason we find it hard to trust, and we may not know our Father as a provider... is most likely because we've never actually given HIM room to move in this area. And waking up every day is enough to bow before the Lord and thank Him that we are moving, breathing, and LIVING!!! Not to mention how much i (we) absolutely NEED HIS PRESENCE every single moment of every day!!! I don't wanna be riding on sunday fumes... I want to be filled up to the brim all the time.

Tonight, I had the awesome opportunity to work with some of my good friends in a downtown ministry called "People Loving Nashville". Started by one guy and a group of 5 or so, they would make meals and take them downtown to the homeless. As they answered the call to simply serve and love the "least of these" they began to see relationships form, discipleship take place, and God move in people's hearts. The hearts that were moved were not just the homeless. When the "kneedy" served the needy- all needs were exposed, hearts vulnerable, and lives transparent. This is when REAL community happens. This is when you find common ground. And this is when the "kneedy" are able to tell the "needy" that we all have REAL needs... but there is only one REAL provider. You see, there were many needs to even start a ministry like this... but because my friend trusted, believed, obeyed, and knew the will of His provider- every single thing has been taken care of.

B90: (1 Samuel 19- 2 Samuel 1:27) As I was reading today and pondering over all of this "need" stuff, it was pretty clear that David is a prime example of someone who trusts His provider. From the time He faced Goliath to the time He faced Saul who wanted Him dead, this guy always seemed like He was right in the middle of conflict. Now there are times when David wept and cried out to the Lord, but He never showed signs of doubt. David is human, and i'm sure He there were days... but He always ran straight to the Lord because He was desperate for Him.

Although Saul was probably one of the wealthiest men at the time, he seemed very needy. He was constantly jealous of David even to the point of death and destruction. Saul fought tooth and nail for His emotional needs and let His needs be sourced by His own selfish desires. Saul's deadly path most likely began with pride- which puts yourself in the middle of the equation and takes God out.

Bottom line: We need God. And when we give him all our "firsts", He provides all of our basic needs and then everything else is a blessing! So are we gonna worry in our needs or simply trust through it? Our shepherd WANTS to provide for His children. That is the very place intimacy occurs... in the presence of our Savior at his feet.

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