Thursday, June 30, 2011

(day eleven) set ABLAZE

Mopped again today with Dad, this time with a little help. A 4 yr old girl named Emma popped in to say "hi" with her parents, who were the owners of the house. For the next few hours she was glued to my side, and boy... she wanted to do EVERYTHING. It's so funny how something adults groan about, little children are eager to do! The whole time she was helping she would say, "you are doing a GREAT job on our floor!!!" To adults, the same job would be hard work... to her it was fun! God sent me my very own personal cheerleader today in the form of a child. I wonder how much He is cheering us on when we are too busy "working" to hear it. We get so lost in the detail of what we are doing rather than enjoying the relationship or serving with HIM. He desires for us to come to Him like little children... with unhindered faith, pure joy, a grateful attitude of service, and silliness.

Instead of seeing "new mercies every morning" we grow hardened to the never ending questions at work, the weight of the financial responsibilities, the guilt of not being the person you thought you would be, and the expectations of the world around us. We add up all the wrongs, the hateful words, the emotional beatings, the abandonment, disrespect, and discouragement. We believe the lies and grow cold. It becomes easier to be numb to it all than to feel anything. Sadly, this is the world we live in. And most of the time it takes an outside force to shake us out of our "coma".

The TRUTH is: you ARE enough, you are LOVED, and you do have a purpose in HIM. Perhaps we need to be set ABLAZE with His love! But how?

B90: (Numbers 4:29-15:21) I've never been a fan of the word "settled". My friends and family always assumed that meant i would never be married, because to them... if you get married you must get settled and live somewhere and work and have kids and stay there. Over the years I've come to the realization that I can be married, have kids, and even jobs and still never be "settled." Settling sounds so... permanent. I know we probably all have our own definitions of that word, but there is definitely something to be said about always being ready and willing to move. Move in the physical sense, but most importantly MOVING with Him. God is constantly on the MOVE. His love is actively pursuing HIS creation every moment of every day, He's performing miracles, speaking prophetic words, giving generously and lavishly, and He's using us. Like the Israelites who followed the pillar of fire and the cloud, I want to be MOBILE. There is a certain eagerness (like my 4 yr old friend) that comes with this mobility. It's a complete surrender. It's about letting go of that dream home, dream job, dream family... and dreaming even BIGGER. Trading yours in for His is the biggest blessing of them all, because... He always out does us!

I was hanging out with a friend the other day in her BEAUTIFUL home. This woman has the most humble spirit of anyone i've ever met. She's extremely giving and is always ready for God's next move. She understands that being a part of that is better than anything she could've dreamed up. Last year her and her husband were downsizing so they could be more "mobile". Because of a few circumstances they could not have foreseen, they were given this amazing home. Now, she is mobile and also gets to serve the Lord, her family, and others with this house. This woman is such an inspiration and example of the trusting child God desires for us to be.

There's also something to be said about the Lord's fire. Fire can hold a negative or positive connotation depending on the usage of it. I heard someone speak on this not long ago. They shared their revelation of God as being the all consuming fire. If you look, there are many verses that point to this and speak of Him and fire. All i know is that I want to be in close proximity to the Lord's throne so I will BURN with His passion and be consumed by Him. So consumed that others will be caught ablaze by His love simply because of the heat of His glory that we bring!

Exercise/Nutrition: This are still going pretty good in this area... about to do a late workout :) God showed me yesterday that I've got to be careful not to push myself too hard, but just get up and run to Him every day! I hope everyone is enjoying their challenges and journey they are on with our Dad!!! Don't forget to be kids!!! Love you all :)

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