Friday, July 15, 2011

(day twenty-five) King Solomon's taco stand

I'm betting that when King David's servants said, "May your God make the name of Solomon more famous than yours, and make his throne greater than your throne," they never would have expected to see a taco stand with his name on it. Frankly, neither would i. This was just one of the many "signs" I saw yesterday as I was driving through east Nashville on my way back to Arkansas.

That morning over coffee, I had some solid hang-out time with one of my closest friends. The subject of sin was brought up, and we had a very invigorating convo about God's desire to protect us from it... and cleanse us to be whole and FREE from the slavery it manifests. It seems like i've been having these discussions a lot since the beginning of this 90 day thing. One of the conclusions we had agreed on was how important it was to stay open to WHO God says we are in HIM, rather than settling for who we (or the world) think we are. It's a dangerous position to simply say, "well, i guess that's just who i am," instead of aligning ourselves with the word and desiring to be living in more freedom!

God gave me the amazing opportunity to pray with several of my friends in Nashville this time around, and one of the things He kept highlighting was that He wanted to SHOW us how much He loves us. That's WHY He wants freedom in our lives... and it allows us to love and worship Him with an unhindered unashamed undignified love. A way in which I believe He wanted to show this love to one particular friend was by asking God to give her flowers. The funny thing was that she had just been thinking about asking Him for flowers. When I've asked for God to reveal His pursuit in the past, He's unveiled my eyes and helped me see all that He has for me. And this is what I believe He's doing for her too and what He wants to do with all of us!

So as I was headed out of town the first sign i saw was "King Solomon's taco stand". It didn't surprise me later when I found out I was actually reading about Solomon becoming King that very day in the 90 day challenge. After that I saw the "sun trust" sign, and He whispered..."Trust me". Then I saw the store "Rainbow fashion", and He said... "my promises are good". Next it was "beauty supply", and He said..."i supply all your needs and to me you are beautiful." One can imagine at this point, I'd be like... "seriously God??" And I was... while doing this awkward laugh/cry thing.

A little bit later, after another incredible visit with a friend whom God is in the process of renewing, I headed towards my kinesiology appointment and it happens again! First I saw "Garden center" and underneath that "Home center"... I felt a flood of peace as God was telling me Home is in the garden. Not only am I doing this "Earthcare" school... but I feel as though He is so eager to restore His creation back to Eden: pre-fall existence, with Him. Real Home. And call me crazy, but right after I see "Good year" with the words alignment, re-capping, and service on the side of the building. I just felt as though He was then saying that it's gonna be a good year of aligning me with Him, re-capping on things that i've learned, and serving the world with what He has given me.

Now some would probably say i'm reading into things a bit much. But I say that God himself was encouraging me, filling me up and loving me in an extraordinary way!! And if i was looking to deep, then so what... I walked away from the day feeling even more pursued and sought after by the most High King!

B90: (1 Kings 1- 9:14) If you read yesterday's post, "the core", I wrote something like..."If you give God your first, He gives you His best." This is something I've probably heard along the way somewhere and stored in the back of my mind, but is literally becoming a reality to me now. One of my favorite parts of this section is when it says in Ch. 3 vs 3 that Solomon LOVED the Lord, which indicates a good healthy relationship. How many times are we actually questioning God's love for us and our love for Him BECAUSE of the very circumstances that surround us? Seemed like Solomon had a pretty great example in his dad... who messed up from time to time, but loved the Lord with His whole heart and ALWAYS ran back to HIM. And then in a dream, God asks Solomon "Ask what I shall give you". So Solomon asks for an understanding mind... or wisdom to govern God's people. This answer signified that Solomon KNEW His great need for God... and also a desire to truly put others before himself. To me, this was an act of great humility and selflessness on His part. And for that, God rewarded Solomon with much more than just wisdom.

Just the other day as I was driving, I felt as though God was asking me this same question. I wish I had read this before, because instead of something humble and selfless like wisdom... I said "well, i'd really like a husband one day God." HAHAAHAHA. Then when I read this I died laughing. OOPS, is it ok if i change my answer now? Ha. Just kidding, God's got it!

It says God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding beyond measure...and so many things were accomplished through Solomon, because He simply loved the Lord and walked in His ways.

So what did Judah and Israel do next? The ate tacos, drank sangria and were happy!
(Ch.4:20) haha. Ok, not quite like that.

Exercise/nutrition: I haven't touched on this subject for awhile, but it's probably because I have not been doing p90x every day. I usually do some sort of exercise, but haven't been able to keep the p90 daily. I'm about to jump back on board full speed ahead with it! I'm also trying to focus on eating MORE veggies this week! Yay!

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