Monday, July 18, 2011

(day twenty-eight) Campin it up!

Hello all! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. As I mentioned before, I'm leaving for Siloam Springs, Arkansas today to speak at a camp and hang out with some cool kids. I'd REALLY appreciate your prayers: that the Holy Spirit would connect my heart with the Father's and guide me to say exactly what He desires, and that these kids will be inspired to seek Him more and live for Him completely! I may not be writing for a few days, but feel free to check out past blogs in the meantime!

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to see U2 live in St. Louis!!! It was an unbelievable experience and God showed me things through that that i'm sure i'll be sharing in the near future. As we were sitting in our seats watching the crowd enjoy the show, i saw so many seeking spirits. U2 may be the closest to any "spiritual encounter" they ever have, but i certainly hope not. At one point Bono had everyone raise their hands, and Bono just said "Lord bring your presence in this place tonight." No matter where everyone else's hearts were at, the name of the Lord was being lifted up in that place. I pray that they walk away with a taste of our loving God and wanting more of Him! I also realized how much they paid for their seats and was amazed at the dough people are willing to lay down for this shindig. Pretty crazy! Then I realized how VALUED we all are, and how much we are worth to our creator! He paid the ultimate, and we have the opportunity to have the best seat in the house... right at the feet of His throne :) I don't know about you... but I sure don't wanna ever settle for the "nose bleed" section. Front and center... is where He wants us. How much more then can we see the true expression on His face for His kids that He desires?

B90: (2 Kings 8:16- 18:37) I read it and it was good. Ha. More on this later :)

Talk to you soon!!!

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