Saturday, July 2, 2011

(day thirteen) soak it up, spill it out

Today was a Sabbath full of rest, family time, pool time, scooter time, and community life. I am feeling more and more that i should rest on saturdays, even when it comes to this challenge. I did finish my reading, but didn't do much else. This little break felt nice :) I hope everyone out there doing a challenge hasn't given up, and if you have... just start where you left off! You can all do this!!!

So... I'm pretty spent and have to get up early, but i'd like to pray for you all.

Dad... Thank you for this life. I wanna lift up every single person out there who is reading this... that whatever struggles they are having, broken relationships, shattered dreams, financial burdens, lonliness... etc, you touch their heart right now. Align their spirit with yours, so they see your heart for them and the world. Let us all become ministers of your kingdom as your kingdom changes us. You are so so good... and no evil comes from your hand. Help us to lean heavily on you with full body weight, and fully place every ounce of trust in you. I pray each person crawl up into your lap, look deep into your eyes and see the powerful and mighty yet gentle and humble love that you so long for us to find. Keep pursuing your loved ones and let us all respond to your love in glorifying praise. Thank you father for every part of your being. Let us all live to the fullest the rest of our days.... We love you. amen.

Soak up His goodness and spill out His love to the world! Have a blessed day with community tomorrow :)

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