Friday, July 8, 2011

(day nineteen) green revolution

I thought I'd give you guys a little sneak peak at a book review i just wrote for a magazine rather than bore you with the normal blog. Ha ha. You know... just tryin to mix it up to keep the romance alive!

A Media Review of "Green Revolution" By: Ben Lowe

Looking deeper into the mysteries of our Father's heart we begin to encounter our purpose- to love Him and all of His creation. We also discover that when our Father's heart breaks for His broken world, ours does too. With the guidance of this book, which outlines the crisis of our decaying world and the need for believers to step up, I've found simple ways to put this conviction to action. The author helps us clearly see... “caring for the environment is a biblical mandate, not just a popular trend”.

Ben Lowe, the author of Green Revolution, does an incredible job promoting the body to “come together to care for creation” in a humble, loving, and exhilarating way! There is not one boring moment in this entire book and every sentence is packed full of useful information. The author gently exposes some of the most devastating statistics I've heard in awhile... but patiently and joyfully points you to many essential resolutions. I must admit that there are several things emotionally hard to grasp... nevertheless, Lowe always leads you to a place of hope and answers.

Ben Lowe's conviction comes across unmistakably in the following statement...“I would not sit back and let the comforts of the American Dream insulate me from the rest of the world. No, not when so many of my local and global neighbors lack the most basic resources I take for granted. Not when there is an environmental crisis brought on in large part by our unsustainable lifestyle of over-consumption. Not when there is so much that I- that we as the church- can do to help.”

“God is pleased when we take personal steps to live intentionally...” Lowe states. Shorter showers, composting table scraps, recycling, avoiding styrofoam, turning off lights, carpooling, hanging clothes out to dry, buying local, starting a community garden... are all small but doable things that reflect a heart of stewardship and will actually make an impact in our world.

The more I began to research these matters in my own city the more I saw that restaurants, schools and business were beginning to catch on... but churches were bringing up the rear. Why is this? If we are the ones who claim to believe in a God that created this beautiful earth, shouldn't we be the first ones to desire to take care of it... and love wholly the people living in it?

“We need to relearn how to be good children, good neighbors, and good stewards,” exclaims Lowe. We have so many comforts and securities built up around us that we've actually blinded our eyes to the real problems going on around the world affecting our global family and God's creation.

I know this all seems like a huge "toxic" pill to swallow, but Lowe does an incredible job of helping Christians face the harsh reality of the current condition of the world and boldly leading us to a place of love in action! My prayer is that you will read this book, soak it in, and let Christ penetrate your heart with His passion for the world He created, is restoring, and will REDEEM!

“Our planet is in crisis. Creation is groaning. Our neighbors are suffering. The time for Christians to take a stand is now,” Ben Lowe. “Creation was made for God (Col. 1:16) and still belongs to God (Ps 24:1).”

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