Saturday, July 16, 2011

(day twenty-six) Elijah and Bono

First things first... it's been a crazy few days and it's about to get a little crazier. I'm actually thinking of taking a 3 day sabbatical from the 90 day challenge for several reasons, so if you don't hear from me for a few days don't fret... i'll return soon! Just so everyone knows what is going on... I got asked to speak at a youth camp in Siloam Springs this week so i'll be gone from Monday to Thursday. Not sure how good the internet is, so that's why i may lack in the blogging area. I also know i'll be pretty busy with the kids and some good friends of mine who'll be there as well! I would LOVE to have all of you praying for us while we are teaching the kids how to use your gifts and passions for the Lord! We will also be teaching on human trafficking as well as a few other injustice issues.

Today I had a friend walk into the cafe I was working at and tell me he was going to see U2 in St. Louis. Immediately my jaw dropped to the floor and I was almost speechless. I have been trying to go to U2 for years, always missing them by a hair. A few days ago I found out that I probably could have gone to the show in Nashville for free. So... I told my daddy in heaven I'd like to go if it were at all possible :) And then, it happened! My friend actually asked me to go!!! So now i'm going to St. Louis tomorrow with a great friend and get to see one of the most incredible bands ever!!! And guess what? I'm giving all the glory to God! Haha.

For the past few days i've been working at my friend's cafe downtown. She desires for the cafe to be a place people can come and be loved on, inspired, encouraged, ect. Well so far, every time i've been there it has been! I could probably fill up the next few blogs with all of the amazing stories. But I really just want to share one with you today about a very special man that's hurting.

Yesterday this man came in frustrated and mad at the world. He began yelling about another friend of ours that he says cheated him out of money. This man was just nasty about it all. He stormed out and we spoke to those friends about the mishap. Today, this same man came in and then stormed right back out because we didn't have diet coke. Haha. At first, I was thinking "good riddance mister". But then, this love came over me and i started praying for the man. About 30 minutes later he walked back in. (Apparently no one in all of downtown Jonesboro had diet coke.) We started chatting and I began to see his whole demeanor change. He told me the story and said that it had all been taken care of. He said that our friend found him, paid him back and apologized. (Even though our friend was not at fault.) My eyes filled up with tears as he continued on with his story.

In the last few months this man had lost his job, house, had a heart attack and triple by-pass surgery. He was living at a homeless shelter and had no family around. No wonder this man was hurting people... all he knew was his own hurt. He told me that when all this happened He went to the tracks and was actually going to step out in front of a train until he remembered his grandma telling him he would go to hell if he ever took his own life. It makes me a little bit sad this is the only thing that kept him from suicide but at least he's still alive! Then He started praying for help, hope and love. And wouldn't you know it, God started providing for this man! Need after need taken care of!! At the end of the conversation, his words began to be more positive and he actually let me pray for him! It was amazing!!! Thank you Jesus for that rad opportunity!!! Pray for this man, that He would continue to seek God and find him :) He said he'll be a regular, so if you live in the Jonesboro area come to Soul Boost cafe and love on some people!

B90: (1 Kings 20:13- 2 Kings 8:15) Elijah is the man. Isn't his solid rock faith just fantastic? I also get a kick out of how frank he was with everyone. This guy just told it like it was. He spoke truth, with no extra fluff :) One of my fav verses is when he says "how long will you go limping between two different opinions? IF the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him." (18:21) Wow... pretty straight forward there Elijah. And then it says "the people didn't say a word." Haha. Wow.

And His faith, man... I admire this. Story after story his trust in the Lord revealed as He practically spoke things into existence. Every time, Elijah went against the grain of the world, took a "risk", and jumped... right into the arms of a loving Father who can be trusted. He cared not for his reputation,status or fame, but knew WHO he was and WHO he lived wholly for!! I also think so much symbolism can come from Chapter 19:11-12. When God was not in the fierce wind, or the earthquake, or the fire... but in the whisper. Nuff said.

P90x: Had a great workout last night, looking forward to the next one :)

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