Saturday, July 16, 2011

(day twenty-seven) water molecule miracle

I've been waiting forever to tell all of you this story! It's been one of those paradigm shifts in my life, and I hope you'll be inspired as well :) It all started when I heard a girl speak at church about the book she'd just written. About half way through she starts talking about this particular study and I'm going to try my best to explain it. Feel free to do your own research as well. Please keep in mind this man did not believe in God before He began this study and now knows there HAS to be one.

Several years ago this Dr. Emoto started to look at the effect of human consciousness on the molecular structure of water. (Stay with me) So to simplify it all for you, He took different samples of water and played music to them. After playing different types of music He froze the water. When looking at the molecules he found that the positive music forms beautiful and intricate crystals and the negative music has difficulty forming crystals and mostly looks like blobs.

Next He spoke words into the water. First words of life like: joy, happiness, love, peace, etc. And then words of death such as: i hate you, i want to kill you, you are ugly. After He froze the water and looked at the molecules, He found that the positive words AGAIN formed these beautiful crystals and the negative words ugly blobs.

Then He simply wrote words down and attached them to the sides of the water samples. SAME RESULT. Positive words = beautiful molecules and negative words = ugly blobs.
Then he took it a step further (and i know it sounds crazy, but...) prayed to one and silently cursed the other. Would you believe the same thing happened?

Dr. Emoto goes on to say that our body is made of up to 80% water and so is the earth. So it's quite interesting to think about what our words might actually do to others, and what our thoughts might do to ourselves. Now, I think maybe there IS more to blessing our food before we eat? Perhaps what we watch and hear DOES actually matter? What about tattoos and what they say? What about when God asks us to repent? Now I see his heart for us in that. It might actually make us physically feel better when we aren't storing up negative emotions inside! I also think about worship. When we worship we are in this pure, beautiful and sweet conversation with the Lord. In those moments our insides must look like a crystal cathedral, I can hardly imagine! What an amazing home for the holy spirit!!! Yet another reason to take our thoughts captive and to fill our mind with positive thinking, words of life and scripture :)

There are so many paths to go down with this, but I love this story my friend told me shortly after this discovery. She said that she had bought a chair from a junk store and turned it upside down one day to see "rejected" written on the bottom of it. Her and her mother agreed this was no chair they wanted to sit in, so she marked it out and wrote "CHOSEN" really big. Now, this will actually be claimed over the person that sits in this chair!!! I've also decided to do this at the coffee shop :)

B90: (2 Kings 8:16- 18:37) The reason I felt like I could now share this water molecule story with you, was because I was waiting for it to relate to the scripture. And in some ways it very much does. Just a few examples to look deeper into yourself are: Ch. 2:19-22 when He healed the water and made it clean; Ch. 3:11 when the servants said the water had been poured on the hands of Elijah and the word of the Lord was with him; then in vs 16 when they called for music to be played and dry stream beds turned into pools. There is also water mentioned in Ch. 5:14 when the man's flesh is restored when he dipped i the Jordan after Elijah told him too. It seemed as though Elijah was always had water in the picture. Now, I am in no way saying water has more power than God... I AM saying that it's possible God's power is very REAL. So real and powerful in fact, that He can actually make our words, thoughts and song change the very molecules into something that either reflects His glory or it doesn't.

I know you may or may not think this is true... and it's ok either way. But it helped me see again how much God is involved in everything, how BIG God is... and how much He cares about His creation. I hope you do your own research and i hope you are inspired like I was to think positively about myself and others, speak words of LIFE, sing songs of joy and praise, to be careful what I watch or listen to, and to continue giving Him the glory with every breath.

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