Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(day nine) mundane mopping for beautiful stain

Today was hard. Most of my days have been filled with energy, joy, passion, ideas, etc. Today I felt as though I simply survived. I don't like this feeling at all. Perseverance was on the forefront of my mind as I tried not to take my exhaustion out on anyone else. I guess it was a mixture of not enough sleep and checking off things on a list that had to be done.

Over the last few days, it seems that the topic of conversation has been, "do you love what you do? Or even just like it?" I've seen people beaten down from jobs that they've had for years that they feel like they're supposed to be in. Nothing about them likes anything about the job. Now, I understand that sometimes we are called to something we may not like in the beginning... but if we love the Lord and see His hand in it and our purpose there, it should be extremely enjoyable. And He's our dad, so He wants us to love what He's asked us to do... or what we've chosen according to His purpose in our lives. If you truly believed that we are all called to "Go and make disciples" then every job you do will be minstry- a chance to love and serve others looking for nothing in return. And sometimes that is hard, but it's always FUN.

In some ways this reminds me of Moses... i wonder what He was thinking... if he ever rolled his eyes... did He love what He did despite how difficult it was? Another thing the bible teaches is that our reward is in heaven. This must be something Moses really understood... because if the position for leading thousands of Israelites around in the wilderness for 40 years doesn't seem like a job i, or anyone else i know, would apply for. Seems like most of us might assume we weren't called for that. I do believe it's a daily laying down of our own will for His and there is no doubt there were times of joy and blessing for Moses... I mean, He spent face to face time with God on earth! That's pretty amazing.

I have been thinking a lot about this the past few days as I've been working for my dad. There are times He'll ask me to do something... over and over again. Not only do i get tired of the mundane jobs but the repetitive ones as well. And there are so many details that must come together for the whole picture to be right. For example i had to mop a huge floor about 6 times in order for it to be ready for stain. No one sees all the previous sacrifice that went into the stain as they trapse all over the newly refinished floor. It's the stain that covers all of the impurities and mistakes the floor has seen in it's lifetime. That stain doesn't just change the look of the floor but the chemical composition... and it's not coming off, ever.

Right now.... I guess I feel like that floor, and maybe a little bit of how the Israelites felt when they had to constantly cleanse themselves before the Lord...only they didn't have the advantage we do today of stain... it seems they only had washable marker available :( Wow, thank you God for sending your son to be our stain... to cover our iniquities, sins, impurities and mistakes now and forever more. You make us beautiful. And even though people in this world walk all over us... because they will... we will still be the floor...um person that you've designed us to be.

B90: (Leviticus 10:12-21:12) I love chapter 17 vs 14 where it says the blood of every creature is it's life. His blood is life... and He's stained us with His blood. His life is now a part of us... and it's not coming off. I also love how in Ch 16 vs 16 it says that the tent "dwells with them in the midst of their uncleanliness." I love how He dwells with us and in us... even in the midst of sin, He is ready for us to run back to Him right in that very moment.

I heard this on the radio just yesterday," The Law- as a standard drives me to Christ, and as a goal shows me my need for Him." I'm still sorting through it, which is why i like it :)

P90x: I did do it this morning for about an hour... not with a smile on my face though. Haha. And my eating habits are pretty much the same. I need to put some healthy recipes on here or something.

Have a great night :)

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