Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(day three) sweet dreams

As if i didn't have enough things to do for 90 days, I've decided to add "making my bed" to the list. It's funny how this might be the most challenging, probably because it's a mental thing. Even more so the reason I should do it, because this is about WHOLENESS... and the mental is a part of that too. I'm terribly sorry if you are one of the ones i used to make fun of because I've always thought it's absolutely ridiculous to make your bed- ESPECIALLY if you were the only one who was going to see it- ESPECIALLY if you have a lot of little silly pillows that have to be organized a certain way. One of my mom's only parental failures was probably me not choosing to make my bed as an adult after all those years of being forced to. Sorry mom. But something happened the other day (I don't know... maybe it was the whole "integrity" talk), I woke up and felt like i should make my bed for 90 days (if not more) and to my surprise i agreed. I must confess though, today i did a pretty shotty job... but eagerly looking forward to 87 more days of potential improvement :)(Can't you tell?) It's looking mighty inviting right about now.

Speaking of confessions...I haven't been getting enough rest (partially due to this blog- which i'm thoroughly enjoying) and last night i tried to avoid the cheese dip in the fridge and failed miserably. Still holding strong to my sugar fast... if that healthy protein bar doesn't count :) It's fairly easy to see that i'm not perfect... but i'm also not going to wait a second beating myself up about any of that- and I hope you wouldn't either. I am going to go full steam ahead, keep thinking positive and worshiping the Lord in EVERYTHING that I do and say. Bill Johnson would say the sin is actually living in the past, because He's already covered us for that. I choose to run to Him, fall at His feet, and simply spend time in His presence with Him.... it's the sweetest place to be. But we have to choose... even when we don't feel like it. And we DO have a choice. We must try and avoid justifying our neglect of the truth at all costs. We do have a right to be a son or daughter of the King living a life free from the slavery of sin. We must honor God's desire for us which is for our good.

p90x: Enjoyed another day of workout (legs and back) with my beautiful friend Steph! I still can't believe i'm getting up at 6:30.... so weird. Ok, my bed is looking more enticing by the second.

B90: (Genesis 27- 38:14) A few things stood out to me today, but i'm still REALLY interested to hear what you are learning. I love to learn from others perspective! I'm kind of on this "dream theme" at the moment, so let's go with that. One of the things i love about Jacob's dream is where God said, "For i will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you." (28:15) Reassurance that He WILL NOT leave us and that He will follow through with His promises. So many of our thoughts tend to be wasted on "wondering" if God is there or if He's really who He says He is, when it's already confirmed in His word and all we have to do is walk out our belief. If we're having a hard time believing, we walk out in faith... until we believe. But He deserves the up-most honor... even in our question asking. Careful to not let our "wondering" become "wandering", but desire the safety of His embrace. It seems as though, when Jacob makes his vow starting in verse 20, that He is- at this point- captivated by the Lord's heart for him and is truly seeing God for who He is for the first time.

The following chapters seem to be a little bit more difficult to understand. For some reason today though, instead of seeing Leah and Rachel as people... I suddenly saw them as symbols that represented how we- as God's kids- can act at times. They had their moments of playing victim, pouting, feeling hated, striving for attention, doing things to win affection, being selfish and spoiled, living by rules rather than letting love rule... but also moments of clarity where grace and love was realized and accepted. We are all guilty of some of these things, nevertheless it is all part of the journey and thankfully He doesn't love us any less because of our bad judgment. Breaks my heart even more when i realize how many times i've broken God's heart over the years... how much grace He's given me despite my stupidity... and how many times He's misunderstood in this world- by christians and non-christians alike.

Speaking of dreams (please excuse the rough transition :)... that Joseph is sure a dreamer hey? They may not have been always sweet, but they were surely colorful! It's very interesting how Joseph's dreams got him into the deepest pits- literally, and the highest of positions. The thing i loved about this guy was that He never stopped dreaming! There is so much more to chew on here, but alas I am sleeeeeeeepy and ready to DREAM. hahaha.

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Be thinking about your dreams. Things that God has planted in your heart that you now have an opportunity to dig up again and revive! I truly believe that He has given you all of those for a reason...I mean as we can see He is the author and giver of all good things. Take those dreams and at least write them down. Don't let any negative thoughts or doubts enter your mind... and start to think of all the possibilities. He loves to fulfill our desires and for us to create with Him!!! Dream BIG, dream together :)

XTRA BONUS: Yesterday in the xtra bonus i talked a little bit about mt moriah and the symbolism of story of Abraham taking Isaac up for a sacrifice and the possible foreshadowing to the crucifixion. Well, today as I was reading chapter 29: 7-8 I wondered if that might also be a foreshadowing of the resurrection? Or possibly just symbolism about the church? Just a thought/question... read it and let me know what you think.

Goodnight and sweet dreams to all.


  1. Love your thoughts on the B90 stuff! The same thing about Jacob's dream stood out to me... spent a good time journaling about it. Also, totally agree with the possible foreshadowing of the resurrection in 29:7-8.

    ...I'm with you on a lot of it being more difficult to understand. I had to put it down at one point and come back to it after clearing my mind a little and working out! Perhaps I was just a bit distracted by all the incest and debauchery... oh, silly Old Testament.

    In other news: today was just full of sweetness. God was so present in every minute. Fun stories to share with you in person in the near future! :)

  2. I can't wait to hear the stories sara!

    Speaking of the OT... I've heard a lot of healthy wisdom in the past on this topic and have been meaning to share some of that stuff. I'd like to do a biblical core course one day that ywam offers and dig even deeper into the understanding of the context it was written in. But since i'm such a HUGE fan of symbolism, i tend to look for the hidden meaning in it all... or perhaps the parallels with our culture. God is super creative and it's funny how we easily look over whats "not written". I guess i like reading between the lines :) In some ways it helps doing this 90 day bible thing bc we get to see the great big picture in it all!

  3. funny you mention making your bed. i find that my life is influenced so much for the better on the days i make my bed. the days i don't make my bed (rare), are often scattered, chaotic and NOT restful. So i have just built the 2 minute making-bed routine into my life. FIRST thing when I get out of bed. I can guarantee that if you make your bed, over time you will also be more organized and restful in your room. go, girl!!!! make that bed!

  4. That's so funny Ali!!! I was just thinking that the other day... it seems like the more time i spend on it the more time i have in the day to accomplish things and the better i make it is in direct correlation to how my day turns out. It just goes to show how emotional those things actually are and how we set the intention and tone for the day the moment we wake up!!!! If we give Him our "firsts" He takes care of every detail!!!!