Thursday, June 23, 2011

(day four) provision vision

I think the hardest thing about the 90 day challenge thing is going to be blogging everyday, especially when i don't feel like doing it. Right now is one of those moments. I must press forward!!! Not only does it help me see what God's doing inside, but i pray that all of you reading are encouraged by what He's doing in you!

Provision: the act of supplying. If the word "provider" is part of God's character, then it's not just WHAT He does but WHO He is. He can not NOT provide. If He couldn't supply our needs, the He isn't God. Now, we shouldn't confuse our basic needs with things we "think" we need because of our lifestyle choice. I know many people who have a hard time trusting God will provide for their lavish lifestyle, and others who have no choice but to trust God for enough food to simply survive. Seems a bit backwards at times... nevertheless, it's always a choice to trust or not to trust (and that IS the question He asks). We have the opportunity to trust in every moment, in every breath.

"If the Lord fails me at this time, it will be the first time."
George Mueller

What if something shifted in us... what if we began to see the world the way God does, with His vision? You see, we live in an upside down kingdom where everything is quite opposite of the earthly view. I love to sit back and watch when people make room for God to move in their life by giving sacrificially. So not just the ordinary tithe, but beyond their own needs for someone elses. God never fails, and usually He rocks your face off in the blessing! I've found it's much more adventurous and exciting to give and then receive from the hands of God, rather than just keeping and providing for myself. But it does take trust, and lots of it!

B90: (Genesis 38:15- 49:33) Joseph set a great example of waiting on the Lord for provision. Many hardships he endured over the years as he was separated by his loved ones. Even by his own "loved ones". He was deserted, sold, falsely accused, forgotten, and imprisoned. Through it all He waited patiently for his needs to be met. Also, many times He could have praised himself for what he'd done or his fantastic ability to interpret dreams, or for his incredible ideas, or charming personality. But it was God's hand that exalted Him up, i truly believe mostly because his humble heart. The part where I lose it every time is when he sees his brothers, then benjamin, then his dad and bawls. It's almost like i'm there and can feel all of their emotions. He didn't even blame his brothers for what they had done! Amazing. On top of that he gave them all everything they ever needed. Something happens when our needs are exposed. We then have a choice to make. Do we worry, fear the worst, analyze the situation to death, ask for advice? Or do we actively trust and patiently wait.... for His best for us.

p90x: Didn't get up at 630, but 730 today... :( Instead i did my own improv workout during a movie with my mom. It worked.

nutrition: Still doing the same old thing... nothin new. Although, i did enjoy some vegetables at cracker barrel tonight celebrating my grandparents 64th anniversary! Yay for them!

CHALLENGE: I thought a fun way to make some room for God to move, would be to physically make some room. Whether that's in your car, house, office... whatever spaces you invade with your stuff. As I've been going from house to house with my dad doing some work, I see how much we consume and in some cases hoard really. How cool would it be if we FINALLY went through the stuff and just started making a pile. Then... we could take that pile and give it away to people in need! Or... have a garage sale and give the money away! Make sure you recycle the leftovers :) Every time i simplify my life i feel like i have more head space to think, hear, listen and learn. Also, it's part of becoming WHOLE. We can't be so attached that then our stuff ends up controlling us, right? FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!! I'm feeling it folks!

XTRA BONUS: (and very cool provision story) So, i really wanted a scooter to drive this summer to have a way to save on gas, help the environment, and look cool. hahaha. I found the cutest one i've ever seen and it was only $500! Well, my friend (Sara) and i were gonna split and share, took it for a test drive and fell in love with it! Later, as i was talkin with pops, he told me i shouldn't get it bc i have other financial responsibilities right now- which i do. And as much as i wanted it... i agreed with him. I started working with him to pay off some of what i owe him and just began asking God for a scooter. I knew it wasn't a NEED by any means, but i still asked because i know God is creative and likes to bless his kidos. The day I told the guy i couldn't get it, i was talking with a friend who asked where she could buy a scooter for her cafe deliveries. I just so happened to know of one and an available driver!!! Cool huh? It gets better! So an hour later I'm talking to another friend and she tells me she's about to leave town and said i could borrow her scooter while she's gone!!! Craziness. So, right now i'm driving a scooter at no cost and feel waaaaay more blessed than i wouldve if i had just bought it.... plus it saved me quite a bit of money and my whole family was changed :) God is so good.

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  1. Next week we must go on a scooter adventure! :)