Sunday, June 26, 2011

(day seven) Resting in His Presence

The day started off relaxing with a bit of yoga and meditation on the Lord. It was a beautiful sunday morning as my sister and i headed to our church community on the college campus. Today's service was full of kids, parents, friends, singing, dancing, and rejoicing in those who were baptized! What a lovely picture of community. Community is something God's been speaking to me strongly about... prompting me to encourage our churches to be unified, our city to come together for common causes, and to see people's hearts healed as these things began to mesh. People are discipled best in community living by watching, learning, growing, serving and loving. It's personal. There is no agenda or script... just relying on God moment by moment for everything you need so you can give what others need. Church is a group of people at a safe place to be healed, become WHOLE and FREE, and to go back out and give what you got... not to fit in a certain kind of box and stay there.

After the church gathering, I spent the day resting and being inspired by others. It's nice just to sit, breathe , listen, think, recover, and simply relax. There is a restoration that occurs during this time that we may not see but certainly should feel. My dad and I sat by the lake watching the geese and talking about how to make our city "green". It's pretty amazing how the Lord delights in our obedience to Him and that it's actually for our benefit as well. You see, the "Sabbath" is not just a rule for rules sake... it's because He knew we would need it, and he could refresh us during that time. I mean, He's GOD of all and he took a rest. Sometimes I wonder what that looked like. Was God silent? Did God lay down? Strange i know... but questions i ask myself.

B90: (Exodus 26- Exodus 36:38) I don't have any major revelations to share today, but I just wanted to highlight a few things that stick out to me in these chapters... I'd also love to hear your perspective! Well the first bit is explaining the tabernacle, which at first glance might appear like a boring read. But as i was talking things over with my dad today, he mentioned Cheryl Gnagey's book "Spiritual Healing". Not only is this woman super talented and wise, but i'm honored to be her friend :) Cheryl talks about the tabernacle (Chapter 26) being God's way of dwelling with His people through the wilderness and into the promised land. Cheryl says, "Today we can look at the Tabernacle of God and see His heart, purpose, and His plan for us through it's symbolism." She also mentions that because the Tabernacle resembled heaven it was a tool to help the Israelites understand heaven, where God abided. Now, our hearts mimic the Tabernacle or the Lord. Also in her book she describes how the Outer court resembles the beginning of faith, the Inner court is the classroom, and the Holy of Holies- Living in the presence of God! (There is so much more i could write, so if this interests you I suggest you buy her book!) So now we ask ourselves... where are we in the tabernacle? Have we entered at all? Are we still hanging out in the "comfort zone"? Do we realize He's beckoning us to a deeper place inside? I don't know about you, but i want to be face to face with my Dad every moment of every day... living in His presence, breathing the same air, hearing his whispers, and feeling His embrace.

Every time i read about the shining face of Moses I can't help but think of my grandma (who's name just so happens to be Glo). Just like Moses... she craves this intimacy with the Lord, and dedicates her life to knowing Him. Ever since i've known her she's prayed every single day for each member of the family by name, the sick, poor, hurt of the world... and on very rare occasion when i have them- my boyfriends too. Haha. Seriously though, I've never seen a woman so full of joy. She sings worship and praise everywhere she goes, and i swear she does have a certain glow about her.

Nutrition/Exercise: As far as nutrition goes, i'm still doing the shakes... taking the supplements and eating pretty healthy. On the weekends I tend to be a little bit more relaxed about it allowing myself a little light snack here and there. Usually chocolate :) This morning I only got a half hour in of p90x yoga, but it was still good! The key for the weekend is REST!

Challenge: Be praying about what things you can cut out in order to have more time to enter the throne room, the Holy of Holies... to be right at his feet. It's amazing that we can actually experience this on earth, and without a building like the Israelites had! We find Him in our own hearts!!! If Silence/meditation is hard for you, I like to put on some peaceful worship music and just lay on the floor. When i close my eyes I picture myself walking through the gates of heaven, down the streets of gold, until i see Him face to face. Are you sitting at His feet? In His lap? Dancing before Him? Bowing? Crying? Rejoicing? I find this intimate place so fulfilling! Here, there is no counterfeit-only the REAL thing! My recommendation is the song "Cielo" by Phil Wickham. I couldn't think of a better place to rest, than right there in His Holy presence.

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  1. Thank you so much for the "shout out" for Spiritual Healing: The Surrender That Brings Victory! Your insights bless me today. I will be re-reading this throughout the day! I love you, sweet girl.