Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unity, Alignment and Wholeness

The countdown begins! Just a few more days before this 90 Day thing kicks off for me and a few others. I hope you can catch the vision, come up with your own version, and be a part of this community. If you'd like to know more of the vision, start with the first post :)

Last night as I was drifting off to slip, I felt like the Lord said 3 words to me: Unity, Alignment, and Wholeness. As I began to pray about what those words meant, I realized that they actually defined this whole thing... and in more ways than one! At first glance it may be obvious. Through this "90 Day" thing, and as I/we become healthier and whole; our mind, soul, body and spirit begin to become unified. As each part start working together and supporting each other and as we ALIGN ourselves with the truth, love and word of God... we promote WHOLENESS in ourselves, we began to live at our fullest potential; and have the strength, courage, passion, and energy to live fully for the Lord!!!

But there's more!!! I'm committing, during this time, to pray that as my body become unified, aligned and whole... that the church follow the same pattern. I believe that if we- as a church body (no matter what building you attend)- begin to align ourselves with HIM then all of our parts will be strengthened, we will become WHOLE people, and the BODY OF CHRIST will begin to be unified. If we haven't noticed, this dis-unification seems to be an epidemic in the American church. Just like in our own bodies... we must lay down OUR preferences for HIS. This IS NOT the easy, cheap, or quick fix!!! This will be more difficult, a little bit slower and require lots of humility, forgiveness, grace and love. True REVIVAL will never happen unless the body of Christ is unified. Sure, we'll never be perfect... but He's calling us to a new level, are we going to accept the challenge? God wants to rock the world with His love through us! I hope you see the need, and take this opportunity to step out of the normal day to day routine and shake it up a bit!

This is an opportunity to spend more time listening, communicating, and learning about our Father's heart for you and the world! A time to see some needed movement or change in your life. A chance to become healthier, feel better and live longer! This is a platform to show others that we desire to manage what God has given us well... including our body, mind, soul, spirit, world, and the people in it! What a testimony this will be :)

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