Monday, June 20, 2011

(day one) Creation and insulation.

I hope your first day was full of challenge, drive, motivation, encouragement, peace, love, fulfillment, hurdles and grace! It's all about the journey and understanding how to live FULLY and WHOLE in the present moment. God is here now. How are we to think, love, act, receive, serve, give and worship in each and every moment?

A few reminders on this journey:
1- Don't forget who this is all for (it's not even about what we look like, but who He's molding us to be... someone like Him- you are a son/daughter of the KING! You have value, worth and purpose. No matter what- you are LOVED by Him, and i truly believe He will meet you where you are at, which leads me to 2)

2- Willingness (Be willing and open to change, to letting go, to intently listening with no preference on how He will speak or what God asks of you. It may be hard, but
it will be great!)

3- Seeing the WHOLE picture. (Everything works together and strengthens each other. If one part is weak, the system breaks down. Of course there is grace!!! But remember it is just as important what you put in your mind and body as it is how you feed your spirit. Try keeping those thoughts and words positive as well)

4- Look in/Look out (As God begins to move in you, have an open-handed policy. Always be on the lookout for ways to love and serve others with all He's showing you. As you experience a divine love encounter with our Dad, it will be much easier to love everyone else out there with no judgment)

With that said.. I'd like to share a little bit of my journey in hopes that you are encouraged, inspired and blessed as i am by every single one of your stories. (PLEASE keep sharing them!!!)

P90: Got up at 630 AM (are you kidding me?) to work out with my amazing neighbor Steph, and our personal trainer (who likes to talk as you can see) Tony. I'm a little sore, but after all that sweat and laughter it was sure worth the time and effort. It's fine if you're doing something other than p90, it's just an important part of your day to get some sort of physical movement in as part of the WHOLE.

B90: (Genesis 1- 13:18) Today we read about creation and the fall, life and death, corruption and water (lots of water), people living for hundreds and hundreds of years, confusion and callings, separation and community. As much as i'm bumfuzzled by most of it, I'm already beginning to see His pursuit in it all for man's heart. One of the most interesting things that i must point out is something that's recently been brought to my attention (located in Gen 3:22-24). Ok, so Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit and God kicks them out of the garden because of their sin. Believe it or not... this is the story we've always heard (or at least I have). I've never really read into it much, or sought for a different answer. This section right here is where we get a lot of our views on God i believe. I mean, sounds kinda brutal doesn't it? And some of us have even thought... well, they were told and they got what they deserve. Maybe not, but i think i saw more judgment in this move of God than grace and love.... until now. If you take a closer look at vs. 22, God is saying that since He now has been exposed to this good and evil and ate from that tree, He will also eat from the tree of Life and live forever. There is one very enormous problem with this... Adam and Eve would live FOReeeever (ref to sandlot) in this fallen world with fallen bodies. Hmmmmm. This would not be a pretty sight. Has anyone ever seen "Death Becomes Her"? Homework assignment. Good picture of what this might be like. You see.... God knew if He did not banish them and place the cherubim with flaming sword to guard the tree, His creation would be doomed to live hell on earth... for eternity. This was a paradigm shift for me. I began to see God's heart for His creation who so royally screwed up. He's been saving us, forgiving us, and pursuing us from the beginning of time. How often is God misrepresented?? How often are His promises clouded by a misunderstanding on our human part? I pray this begins to shift our mental capacity to understand and receive His love in a revolutionary way today. I pray that we begin to see things through a brand new clean filter created by Him... rather than what we've prescribed ourselves. Let the spiritual detox begin... letting go of notions that undermine God's authority and seeking pure concentrated truth for total fulfillment.

Nutrition: Detox is a good word to describe the beginning stages of this challenge. The more bad eating habits we cut out, and good WHOLE things we put in... the stronger our immunity becomes and the more we can fight those free radicals and toxins out of our system to prevent further damage to our body. If you are a beginner in this area, feel free to email me and ask more questions! If i don't know the answer I have a slew of naturopaths and other well-educated health nuts that i rely on for knowledge as well :) It's not a DIET... it's a lifestyle. This is important to keep in mind especially when you might feel a little overwhelmed. The first week or so will be a little hard if you are taking things out that you might be slightly addicted to. I think it's ok to give yourself a break one day a week... so it doesn't become a legalistic thing, and you see the grace in it all! We are not punishing ourselves here... just trying to develop a God-honoring lifestyle that will help strengthen all parts!

Today I drank my Vi-protein shake for breakfast- YUMMMMY, had a salad and fruit smoothie (with no sugar) for lunch, carrots for snack, and a scrambled egg for dinner with avacado, feta, and olives on a piece of gluten-free bread. Topped it all off with some delicious watermelon! I also make sure and take MAXone, a raw multi-vitamen, my barlean's omega swirl, and pro-biotics. I've found these are all good basics for any body type. (I can give you more info on any of them and show you how to get them for free!!)

All the rest: God has recently been telling me to give Him my FIRSTS. In regards to money, time, relationship, energy... everything. He keeps whispering this and telling me that if i do, He'll provide all the rest. I have about 12,000 or so to raise for next year as a full-time missionary and my instinct would be to work my butt off and get as much as i can towards this. But the other day God simply asked me to work for my dad. I didn't even argue, because i trust that He's going to provide and i'm so excited to see how this time!!! I have no choice to agree, the alternative is to worry myself to death and that's not very healthy is it? Today was such a special day with my dad... although i could've done without the insulation that's now stuck to my throat and lungs. This afternoon I got to spend some more time with my beautiful twin nieces and sis... and tonight got to watch food, inc. with my mom. This should be another homework assignment, GREAT documentary! A day packed full of blessings and lessons, i hope yours was fulfilling as well. Sleep tight my friend... see you tomorrow :) lins


  1. One thing that stuck with me all day yesterday that I don't think I've ever really paid that much attention to when reading the story of creation is the first thing God says after creating man. "Be fruitful..."

    Not, "Don't do this, don't do that." He just said to be fruitful. He's given us freedom from the very beginning... love that. So as we spend this 90 days kind of getting "back to the beginning" and being whole again, it's so encouraging to know that God just says, "Be fruitful!" Love the idea of bearing fruit. Fruit is the outward growth of what's happening at the root of a plant... a dying apple tree doesn't have apples on it. A dying church doesn't bear fruit. So many of our churches are dying... because we don't remember the way God created us to be in the very beginning... "Fruitful and increasing in number... filling the earth and subduing it." (Gen. 1:28)

  2. Love that sara!!! thank you so much :)