Sunday, June 19, 2011

lazy bones

The countdown begins... Only a few short hours left until my lazy summer days are over. Don't get me wrong, i will still do everything in my power to enjoy many relaxing moments by the pool... only now i'll be dedicating several hours to physical and spiritual fitness! Up till now I've been doing these things at my leisure, and when i didn't feel like it i just didn't do it. Yes, there will still be grace... but now there is intention and discipline. I'm a little nervous when i look at the whole picture... but excited about results along the journey. I want to give God my all, not just 10%, and see what happens!!! I believe that through this process there will be lots of challenge, but in the same breath: change, growth, breakthrough, emotional health, mental clarity, revelations, answered prayers, strength, and intimacy with my heavenly Father. I know we don't have to DO anything for His love... He just wants us to BE-loved by Him. But i also realize that this life is our only chance to worship, praise, and love Him in our lack. WE NEED HIM. Right now, we are making room for Him to move as we strip away some of our comforts and preferences to seek His desire for our lives. There will be moments we may think we just can't go on, or we are ready to throw in the towel... but in those moments we'll feel his grace, power and strength kick in and know it's His divine love that brought us through. So as we grow, I believe all areas of our life will be strengthened as they support each other. I also believe we'll see/understand our great human need for His heavenly heart and be fulfilled by His promises :) So, it's now 11 pm and my new bedtime. May you all be encouraged as you sleep and wake up pumped and ready for what's ahead... one day at a time!

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