Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(day sixty-two) the big day...

Not many people would probably cry watching an Adam Sandler movie... but when it comes to "50 first dates" I sob like a little baby. Ironically, every time I see the thing I forget how it ends, haha. If you're not familiar with the film it's about a girl getting in a car accident and and losing all ability to remember anything past the wreck. Her dad and brother have to essentially relive the same day every day. At one point she meets Adam Sandler's character and he falls head over heals for her. The problem is that every morning she forgets who he is again. He figures out some cute ways to help her remember but there is one particular part that really gets me. One day she walks up to his work and tells him she has to end it. Her reason is because she knows he would have to pursue her all over again tomorrow and the next day for the rest of their lives.... and she feels somewhat unworthy of that kind of pursuit. No matter how much he disagreed with her decision, he had to honor it. I won't ruin the end for you... but the beautiful part in this whole thing was his relentless pursuit of her heart, no matter the cost. Every day He started from scratch... even though he might win her heart by every night. If this kind of love is even humanly possible, how much MORE does God chase after our hearts with His heavenly kind of love?

I was speaking with a friend of mine today about this very thing. (Seems to be the topic of conversation lately.) She has been going around in circles with a guy for many years now... only to find herself completely drained mentally, physically, and emotionally. She knows it's not what God has for her... but the counterfeit becomes a beautiful illusion in her weakest moments. As we were chatting I felt inclined to pray for her freedom in this area.

There are chains we sometimes can not see holding us back from heaven's best . It's never God's desire to withhold His good gifts, but our fleshly desire to settle for the enemy's watered down imitation. Here's the thing: If God thinks we are worthy enough to pursue our hearts despite our iniquities... then I think He is calling men to be a physical representation of this on earth. If you are a man, you know what you want and you have a peace about a certain gal.... then go for it, and chase after that heart of hers for goodness sake. If you are married... then I believe you persist in seeking the depths and mysteries of one's heart. If you are a woman and not married... please wait. (You can wait with me, hahaha) Seriously, wait... wait for the man who knows what it is like to be pursued himself by God. If you are a woman and married... appreciate and thank your husband for loving your heart so deeply. If this is not the case...truly pray that he will have such a love encounter with God that he will begin to know how to love you well :)

the big day...
Most women live for this day. They dream about it their whole lives... then still take a year to plan it. (Not me... boy, when that time comes give me a month and I'll be set! haha.) But to most... there are so many details to take care of. They want everything to be absolutely perfect...the food, the dress, the hair.... everything. And the best part of the whole wedding is the look on the guy's face as He is watching His beautiful bride gracefully glide down the aisle towards him. Their eyes lock and his shy but confident grin speaks volumes. She is standing there hoping that he is satisfied with her beauty and his mind is solely fixed on captivating her heart.

Can you imagine what it must be like when we return to our first and true love?? After days and sometimes years of pursuit... we finally realize what we were made for. He puts aside our chains and rags... adorns us with jewels and royal garments....and gives us the world. As we humbly walk down the aisle dressed with rose petals laced with His son's blood, we so gratefully step up onto that alter and accept His heart for us and gladly give Him ours. All the while His gaze is fixed, His heart is giddy, and His love freely flows into our lives at that moment.

Reception (and deception)...
The root of pure joy is His love. If we have experienced a life full of sorrow, pain, and sadness... it's not because this love isn't present. We can know true joy and peace in the midst of our troublesome circumstances. And I truly believe the reason why we don't is because of the role deception plays. There are lies we've heard that our mind has accepted as true and then we convince our heart that they are. These lies form those chains we were talking about that keep us from the freedom of basking in His glory, running in His beautiful presence, and rolling around in His love in the sanctuary we have available to us called the "kingdom of heaven". How much more could our relationships live up to God's standards when we know this kind of freedom on earth?

When I was in Israel last year I had a huge revelation about this. As I was sitting in the hotel lobby I looked up at the front desk where the letters "reception" were written across the back wall in retro wooden block letters. Above the word was a giant key. As clear as day I felt like the Lord said "the key to freedom of deception is reception."

One of the definitions of reception I found was: the act or process of receiving or of being received. I thought about when we actually receive God's love or know that we've been received by Him there is this love exchange that happens. This very encounter will keep us from believing the lies. If our heart is still convinced the deceptions are true, then we continue to ask God for our heart to have a supernatural revelation of this love.

Another definition of this word was: Reception- Conversion of transmitted radio waves or electric signals into perceptible forms, such as sound or light. Then I thought about a radio tower and how it's almost impossible to hear it clearly if there is interference. This is why we must ALWAYS keep a clear line of communication open with God avoiding as much interference as possible. Sure there will always be distractions, but if we have great reception we will be able to hear His voice and see His light like never before... especially in those dark times.

After that I thought about that reception desk and what all goes on behind there. These people come in every single day with smiles on their faces ready to help whomever will grace their presence. They love to serve you in any way... providing the optimal comfort for your stay! The more we serve and love others as the bible commands; the more we will see God's glory arise in every situation, the less we will think of our own problems, and the more energy it will take for the enemy to try and deceive us!

Last but certainly not least is the wedding reception!!! I just want you to know that yes, life can be hard.... but life with Jesus is such a party!!!! After we walk down that aisle and give Him our heart, it doesn't begin a life of strict rules and boring conversations. I mean, who has ever been to a wedding where the bride and groom left immediately to go home, watch some t.v., eat a microwave dinner then fall asleep on the couch? Come on!!!! They live it up with their family and friends CELEBRATING the joyous occasion. Don't we have something to celebrate?? We have LIFE!!! WE ARE FREE! Too often we treat Christian life like our God is boring or something. Well, that's a big fat lie from hell. God is amazing, creative, passionate, exciting, adventurous, hilarious and certainly capable of having a good time! God truly delights in us when we delight in Him. Sure, there are serious moments... but He loves when we take part in His supernatural goodness :) Can't you see now how those silly lies of deception are not even worth wasting a second on? No time. I'm too busy livin it up with Jesus :)

It's 3 am now, but this blog is totally worth it! Tonight I was browsin around FB and found this video on my friends page. It's so amazing how perfectly things fit together when it's God that's doing it all. No kidding. I'll let you draw your own revelations :)

B90: (Ezekiel 33:21-45:12) There is so much I want to talk about from these chapters today. I'll definitely get to that later... but today want to focus on God as our shepherd. I love in Chapter 34 starting in verse 11 which is titled "The Lord will seek them out". I love to relate this to all of His sheep. Especially verse 16 that says, "I will seek the lost and I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak..." well, and there's more but I don't feel like writing it. You can read this all for yourself and gather your own conclusions based on the truth of the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. We can not neglect any part of the trinity or leave out parts of His word. My hope is that I will never misinterpret, but always find exactly what He wants to show me in that moment with even a greater understanding of His character and love. I also pray we all continue to seek the source for truth daily; and that we will be encouraged and challenged by others interpretations but not be satisfied in that alone.

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