Monday, August 15, 2011

(day forty-seven) it's just the tip of the iceberg

If you read yesterday's blog, this one is probably going to be a continuation; Part II if you will :) Today, as I visited with my chiropractor she began to explain that weirdness on my hip I mentioned in "better out than in". It seemed to all make sense when she started speaking. It placed even more clarification and confirmation on what I was feeling led to write about last night. Basically, when there is a problem under the surface our body shows us some sort of physical sign so that we will be clued in to what's going on inside. Our "symptoms" are usually not the problem itself, but unfortunately we live in a society that just wants to treat those things rather than dig for the root of it all. So when we experience fever, sweats, swellings, headaches, etc... our body is calling out for help and it's trying to fight off something for us that we cannot see. Our body is a wonderful thing. And the One who created it is the most amazing architect and designer in the heavens and the earth.

What I'm learning as these things are revealed to me is the responsibility to do "our part". He's already created our bodies so that they could heal themselves if we are excellent stewards of it. This is a miracle that was set in motion from the beginning of time. Now that we live in a fallen earth our bodies are also decaying, but I do believe that we CAN improve our quality of life by treating it the way He intended the best we can. Of course there is grace and we can not do things perfectly... but we can respect what He's given us. We can rejoice that we will be completely restored one day, but until then I truly believe God wants us to live our lives as if it is worthy of living... or else He wouldn't have paid so much for it, right?

I really think this goes for all areas of our life. What are we allowing in our minds through our eyes and ears? What are we actually pondering- that the enemy has whispered to us? What negative emotions are we still holding on to (that are causing us more harm than anyone else)? What does the fruit in our life look/taste like? If there is something rotten coming to the surface... what is really underneath that needs to come out?

So today as I was sitting in the chiropractor's office and she was doing some cool laser thing that was killing the root of my little problem, I looked up to see this poster:
I've seen this picture before and as frightening as it looks I absolutely love it! Most of the time we just get to see the tip of the iceberg from our perspective, but God sees the whole shabang! Whenever I used to do something I knew was not pleasing to the Lord I would always say, "well, God knows my heart." And that's very true. He knows how evil and gross our heart can be. Yet He loves us anyway. That's the real miracle. There is SO MUCH that happens under the surface that we just can't see, but THANKFULLY we serve a God that wants to go to the depths with us so that we CAN be freed from all of those things that enslave us. No matter how much it may scare us, we MUST be willing to trust God and let Him heal these places in each of our lives. If we are not willing, then perhaps we need a re-evaluation of the cross and what it means to us- REALLY. Life is too dang short to simply survive and barely keep our head above water... He wants us to THRIVE out in those great waters. He wants others in the world to see that He IS a healing, providing, loving, creative, exciting, fun, adventurous Dad who delights in His kids. That testimony is lived out through us. If we truly allow Him to do His work in our lives (no matter who we are), there is no possible way anyone could see God as lame, boring, powerless, or hateful. How do we represent Him? Are we in love yet?

Tonight at dinner I was discussing all of this with my parents. My dad, being the amazing builder he is, said that this is so much like a house. If you have a problem, you HAVE to get to the root of it or the house will eventually rot from the inside out. If you have a leak you can't just cover it up. The leak will only get worse and cause more problems (not to mention the smell!! yuck). I don't know about you, but I want my house (body/temple) to be a pleasant place for the Holy Spirit to live. I also want it to be a place where others can rest and find His beautiful majestic love.

Clean out our rusty pipes Lord! Let us be an unpolluted vessel for you so others are getting the purest form of who you are... not some tainted version! Amen :)

B90: (Proverbs 15:17-28:28) Proverbs is quite an amazing book. There are so many golden nuggets in there that can speak volumes of truth into our lives. Here is one in particular i'm fond of. As you read it imagine the God of the universe saying this directly to you, His beloved child.

"My son (or daughter), if your heart is wise, my heart too will be glad. My inmost being will exult when your lips speak what is right. Let not your heart envy sinners, but continue in the fear of the Lord all the day. Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off. Hear, my son (or daughter) and be wise, and direct your heart in the way." Prov. 23: 15-19

The eyes of our heart are so eager to see and accept counterfeit when it is starving for love. The counterfeit eventually makes us blind to the real thing that has pursued our hearts since the beginning of time. As we let the Creator destroy the roots of counterfeit, He replaces it with something priceless and our hearts will starve no more.

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