Tuesday, August 2, 2011

(day forty) Open the floodgates!

Many topics are brewing around in my heart right now, but today I feel we need to talk about our testimony. First off, you ARE a living testimony and you HAVE a testimony. If you believe in Christ, have accepted and follow Him... then this is completely true for you. Your life is no longer yours, it's His (and He's kind enough to let us use it)... therefore you have the Holy Spirit living in and through you as a representation of the almighty King. So you are a living, breathing, walking testimony. If you don't believe that God has the power to heal, save, or move in miraculous ways... then you are probably a testimony to some false god. Let's hope this isn't the case, but as we discussed yesterday: we've got to own our faith. Why do we believe what we do? It's always good to take some time and examine where our hearts are in communion with the Lord.

You see, everything we say or do teaches somebody something. Are we testifying to His amazing love by loving on others well, or testifying to Him being a great dad because we are kids that have been provided for? Or are we teaching others to perform for our love, which in turn tells them something about a god they want nothing to do with? Others will see because of our unwavering trust and fearless faith in Him. Sure, we'll have small little "freak out" moments... but that's when we jump right back into the truth and cover ourselves like a blanket.

Just like the journey we've been on with Job the past couple of days, we know there are dark spots and dry seasons in all of our lives. But what we learn in those places is of utmost importance. Instead of giving up, we lean heavily on the truth of who He is and praise Him through that time. This really gives God a chance to reach the deep places in our life, find out what our hearts are made of... and replace lies we've believed with a fresh revelation of Him. I don't know about you, but if I were having some sort of open heart surgery... I don't think I'd wanna watch. (Maybe that's why He allows the lights to be turned out briefly? Haha.) And just so you know, He cares an awful LOT about us if He desires to go to the deep places of our soul and deposit His love. Guess what happens when you walk back into the light? A new testimony is born. Doesn't have to be our life story... but what is God doing RIGHT now in our lives. If we're listening to His whisper He's doing something new and incredible every day! And more times than not, that very thing is what speaks life into someone else.

I don't think we truly realize how POWERFUL our testimonies are. I sense there are still people reading this who don't think they have a testimony, and that's exactly what the enemy would want you to think. If you're scanning your brain to try and find something God's done in your life, then get on your knees and ask God to bring TRUE revelation into your heart RIGHT NOW of His love for you. If your heart is for Him everyday, He'll move through you in ways you never dreamed... and so your testimony begins.

Traveling through northern India I saw many people healed. Some people didn't get healed... physically. But we knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that God was healing a place in their heart. And we quickly realized that 'heart healing' was more important and ETERNAL than any physical healing could ever be. It's funny how much we desire to see temporary miracles to prove God's existence when the very unseen eternal miracle is the one that should be changing lives. This is why our testimony is SO important.

I've also seen people who have been physically healed testify to what God has done for them. A lot of times their heart was changed because of what He did physically. I don't think we testify to these miracles enough. And I truly believe that if we did... we would see MORE and MORE and MORE of them. Why? Because we are giving glory to the Lord first and foremost. Secondly, speaking these things out breaks spiritual strongholds in the atmosphere and makes room for God's healing hand to move about quickly and freely. Visual: I picture a large dam holding back all the blessings and miracles of the Lord. The dam is an earthly structure the enemy has constructed at an attempt to keep us from experiencing the glory of the Lord on earth. Yes, God is all powerful... but the more we praise and worship and testify to His goodness, mercy and love; the more cracks in the dam. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for that day to be flooded and sink in the weight of His glory!!!! I want to be ALL consumed by Him!!! Now, this is just a picture... so take what you want from it. But I do believe that our testimony releases more of that specific healing into the atmosphere and into others lives! (There's a good reason why we get chills when we hear the testimony of God's movement in others lives :)

A very nice lady who reads this blog sent me a link to her church's website. I was so blown away by how beautiful their fellowship was and how well they loved each other. The video I'm going to post is a sermon on Father's day; which I think is pretty fitting since we've been talking so much about God as our dad. Even more impacting is about half way through the pastor begins showing testimonies throughout the year... and it is SO POWERFUL. I was crying the whole way through. I hope you have some time to watch this and be moved and encouraged like I was. I really believe this is how church should be. A place where we encounter the love of God so profoundly, and experience so much freedom and joy... that no one walks into the building without a life-changing dose of the magnificent glory of God. So... how do we facilitate this? We pray, He moves, we testify... and His glory flows.

The Lord's Prayer - Part 7 from Resurrection Fellowship on Vimeo.

B90: (Psalm 9- 33:22) It doesn't take to long to realize David's heart and devotion to His dad. I love how in one chapter David is crying out to the Lord and the next He's praising Him to a place of new perspective... and God always comes through. It's a constant exchange of God's love and glory as David cries out, waits on Him, repents, declares His goodness, praises, waits some more... and God never fails to fill Him right back up and reveal His love to Him. Just like we grow muscle with exercise, so does our heart. This is the very reason why we should never stop crying out, never give up on Him, and never stop praising His name. To be "too old" or "too mature" or "too christian" to need Him is a huge misconception (a.k.a. Bull crap). The more our heart grows in the difficult and good times, the more capacity to know His love and to love others.

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart EXULTS, and with my song I give thanks to him." ~ david

Let this all marinate in your heart as you meditate on His word and He reveals His love for you today.

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