Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So this 90 day blog is quickly turning into a 100+ day blog. Haha. I'm realizing how hard it is to keep up when I'm traveling. On the other hand, my time in Nashville this week has been such a blessing. I've had many amazing conversations, prayer sessions, worship times, and relationship investing. On top of that... I've been celebrating my 32nd birthday all week long! Nashville is definitely a place that revives my soul. I was just telling my mom about how refreshed I feel when I'm here.

Another reason for the absence of my blog has been my lack of internet usage :) Since I don't have one of those fancy iphones and my macbook is on its last leg... these times have been few and far between. I apologize if this is something you look forward to everyday. I'm hoping I can be more consistent with it again when I have more of a routine, but I'm not quite sure when that will be. In the meantime, I will do my best to read/blog as much as I can. I'm so grateful for the journey thus far! I've been learning so much about God's character, the word of God, relationships, and just how to "love well" every moment.

Everyone out there is teaching me so much through your own stories. I'm so encouraged by all of you everyday and the hope that I hear in your voice. There are many things out there we could fear but we have a God who brings restoration and hope through His undying love for each one of us. I'm praying for you on your journey in this process. That you will seek His face and trust His heart for you- and as you do you will receive healing to the broken places. I pray that we all begin to desire wholeness in all areas of our life. In the beginning we were intended to be whole and now we are tainted with toxic sin. Sure, we will never reach perfection until that day we are completely restored... but we can always find more freedom in our lives. God wants to set us free emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. He wants the authority to do so... but in His grand sovereignty He has given us choice. We have the choice for what we eat, how we treat our bodies, what we say, how we respond to things, for our attitude.... everything! I've chosen poorly many times over the years and I've been enslaved to many things. Now I choose freedom... in every area of my life. And God in His grace and mercy is powerful enough to break us free! I pray the same for you.

We talk a lot about the need to have full-tank spiritually... but if we do not care about the other areas, then eventually we will even have a hard time with the spiritual stuff. They are all important and they are all interconnected. We must begin to value wholeness and unity as a church. We must begin to live out this journey together... not being threatened or intimidated by others journey. Let's take a deep breath, soak up His love and then live out His beautiful love story every moment. Amen.

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